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Trail Riding in Southwest Colorado

Off Highway Vehicle Trails

Trail riding in Southwest Colorado is one of our favorite adventures. No matter what time of year it is, you can find a trail to go off-highway. The spring, summer, and fall are great times to take dirt bikes, ATVs (three wheelers & four wheelers), and UTVs out for a trail ride. In the wintertime, snowmobile adventures in the mountains are breathtaking. Here are a few of our favorite trails and some tips from locals to have the most fun riding your dirt bike, ATV, UTV, and OHVs in our part of the Rocky Mountains. Mancos Motorsports Motocross Modification, Maintenance, Repair

Where to Ride

The San Juan National Forrest is our favorite place to trail ride. Transfer Campground has beautiful scenic views and is very near trails open to vehicles 50″ or less (ATVs and motorcycles). Aspen Loop Trail, starting near Transfer Campground, is a scenic ride for OHVs & dirt bikes that is moderately challenging and very fun. Check out the trail map here.

Target Tree Campground is another great starting point for a dirt bike trail ride, because it is on the way to great trails open to motorcycles. Check out this Mancos-Cortez Area travel map from the Dolores Public Lands Office for more information on the OHV trails in the San Juan National Forest.

Mountains at Transfer Campground Southwest Colorado Trail RidingMaps

The Stay the Trail Where To Go (WTG) map shows exactly where each trail is located in the state of Colorado, and detailed Trail Pages give additional information including photos, videos, and GPS tracks.

To find more great OHV trails in our area, check out the US Forest Service suggestions for trail riding in the Dolores Ranger District. Maps for these great trails in the San Jan National Forrest can be found on this page of the Forest Service’s website.

Colorado Ohv Registration & Permits

In Colorado, you will need a permit for your OHV. All OHVs owned an​d operated in Colorado (including motor vehicles and motorcycles that are not licensed for public road access) must display current Colorado OHV registration stickers when in a person’s possession in an OHV staging area or operated on designated OHV trails or routes in Colorado. OHVs include motorcycles, dirt bikes, three wheelers, ATVs and dune buggies operated on public land or trails in Colorado.

Find out more about OHV registration in Colorado and get a permit application from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Out of State Ohv Permits

Non-residents who bring OHVs into Colorado must purchase an OHV permit to display on their vehicle while riding in this state. You can order these permits online from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website or pick one up from a local licensed agent.

In State OHV Registration & Permits

Colorado residents are required to register their OHVs. If you do not get DMV issued licence plates for your OHV you’ll need to register your vehicle with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. You can find the OHV registration form here on their website.

If you have Colorado DMV issued plates, you’ll still need to order a permit to operate your OHV on designated trails in Colorado. You can get a permit from a local licensed agent or online at the the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Ohv Repairs & Maintenance

Trail riding dirt bike repair Mancos, Dolores, Cortez and Southwest Colorado

If your ride gets rough and you need a repair, contact Mancos Motorsports. We will get you back on the trail. Also, always remember to do regular maintenance on your vehicle, including oil changes. And before you put your OHV away for the season, remember that it’s important to prepare your vehicle. We can winterize your ATVs and motorcycles if you need help.

Happy trails!


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