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Winterize Your Summer Ohvs and Motorcycles

Winterize Your Summer Ohvs and Motorcycles

Winterize your ATVs, UTVs, and OHVs for storage through the Colorado winter with help from Mancos Motorsports, LLC

There is a chill in the air, and winter is heading our way. The leaves are turning and snow will be here before you know it. Are your favorite summer toys ready to ride out the winter off-season? Your ATVs, UTVS, dirt bikes, and OHVs will fare much better if you make sure to winterize them with a bit of maintenance before you put them in the garage for a long break.

Winterize your ATVs, UTVs, and OHVs for storage through the Colorado winter with help from Mancos Motorsports, LLC

When you let a machine sit for an extended period of time, without preparing it first, it can suffer rust, corrosion, and part deterioration. Before winter arrives, make sure you prepare your motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and other summer OHVs for their long rest in your shed or garage.

Your OHVs and motorcycles need a bit of maintenance before you put them away in storage.

Wash Your Vehicle

Before you put your ATV, UTV, OHV, or motorcycle away for winter, you’ll want to make sure it is clean. Leaving summer mud and grime on it can damage the paint and finish. Make sure it has been washed and dried before you put it under a cover in the shed.

Change the Oil & Fog the Engine

Be sure to change dirty oil before letting a seasonal vehicle sit for a long period of time to keep it from congealing on your vehicle’s parts. And fogging the engine helps protect the pistons, cylinders, and valves from rust and corrosion.

Refill or Change the Coolant

To prepare your vehicle for winter storage, make sure to change or top off your antifreeze. An anti-corrosive coolant that is rated for low temperatures helps prevent ice from forming in your radiator.

Winterize your dirtbike at Mancos Motorsports: Motocross Modification, Maintenance, RepairStabilize the Fuel

Fill your vehicle with gas and add fuel stabilizer to prevent rust and corrosion in your gas tank. Then, run the stabilized fuel through your OHV or motorcycle’s system.

Grease the Chassis

Spraying a light layer of lubricant on all of the exposed metal parts of your chassis keeps metal, hoses, gears, and seals from deteriorating over the long winter months.

Inflate the Tires

Ensuring your tires are inflated just slightly more than normal prevents flat spots from forming while your bike or ATV sits in one spot for the off-season. As an extra protective measure, you could also store your vehicle on jacks.

Charge the Battery

Winterize your ATV, UTV, OHV, & motorcycle; be sure to prepare your battery for winter.

Batteries that are full are less likely to die over the winter months. Ensure that yours is completely charged and remove it from your vehicle. Store the battery in a warm, dry place. You can put it on a battery tender for the winter as an extra measure of protection.

Block the Exhaust & Intake

To prepare your vehicle for winter storage, it is a good idea to block the exhaust and intake openings. This keeps small animals from nesting in your vehicle’s sensitive parts.

Cover Your Vehicle

Finally, once you’ve parked your vehicle in it’s resting place, preferably a warm shed or garage, cover it. Use a breathable tarp, so that moisture does not become trapped between your vehicle and its cover, as this can lead to rust.

Winterize your ATV, UTV, OHV, Dirt Bike, or Motorcycle to prepare it for winter at Mancos Motorsports, LLC in Dolores, Colorado.

Need some help winterizing your summer vehicles? Mancos Motorsports, LLC, in Dolores, Colorado can help. Contact us to schedule your vehicles to be winterized.

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