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E-Bike Repair in Southwest Colorado

E-Bike Repair in Southwest Colorado

Mancos Motorsports e-bike repair shop in Southwest, Colorado (Dolores, CO)

Southwest Colorado is an amazing place to get outside and hit the trail on your electric bike. But if something isn’t working properly, your e-bike adventuring doesn’t have to end. Did you know that Mancos Motorsports can repair your e-bike? Whether its a problem with the chain, or an electrical issue, we can solve the problem and get you back to your ride.

E-Bike Adventures in Southwest Colorado

Mancos Motorsports e-bike repair shop in Southwest, Colorado (Dolores, CO)

With all of the amazing things to explore in our corner of Colorado, you’ll need your e-bike to be excellent shape. For a relaxing day of exploring and shopping, you can hop on your e-bike and spend some time checking out the local merchants around Dolores, Mancos, Cortez, Durango, Telluride or another one of the quaint towns in our area. Or if you’re really looking for adventure, take your e-bike up onto one of the mountain trails and take in some breathtaking views.

E-Bike Repair and Maintenance

If your e-bike is in running properly, the fun you can have here in Colorado is endless. But if something is not working right, don’t cut your journey short. Bring your e-bike to us and we’ll get you back to your adventures. We can repair or replace electrical components, such as the electronic speed control (ESC). Battery problems? We can fix that with lipo battery reconditioning or replacement. And all electric bikes require a bit of maintenance from time to time, so contact us for routine work like lubrication, new tires, or spoke adjustment and repair.

Make It an E-bike

Do you have a standard bicycle that you’ve been dying to convert to electric? Mancos Motorsprots can do e-bike conversions. Get in touch with us to talk about converting your standard bike to an e-bike.

Mancos Motorsports e-bike repair shop in Southwest, Colorado (Dolores, CO)

Give us a call at (970) 882-3027 or swing by the shop to talk to us about the modification, maintenance, or repair that your e-bike needs. And if you need it, don’t forget to ask about our local pick up and delivery services.

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