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The GOX, EKS-S is the latest in our arsenal of clear vision goggles. The EKS- S goggle was built with function, style and comfort in mind. We are confident that this goggle will set the standard for vision, fit and price around the world. We have taken all the benefits of our GOX goggle frame and incorporated a fit force outrigger system along with a detachable nose guard and our new strategically placed flo air ventilation system. We also added four, lens channel restraint tabs to the frame to help reduce lens recoil. These new additions along with our 4-layer, neoprene lined face foam and our ultra-pliable urethane frame make this one of the best fitting and functional goggles you will ever put on your face!

  • Lightweight, ultra-ply-able Poly-flex frame for the ultimate feel and fit.
  • Polycarbonate mirrored lens equipped with quick release anti fog coating
  • Detachable nose shield.
  • Woven strap lined with silicone traction control.
  • 100 PPI reticulated vent foam
  • 17mm, class leading, 4 layer sweat wicking face foam.
  • Strategically designed, fit-force outrigger system pulls the goggle into the face for the ultimate goggle fit.
  • Specially designed ram air ventilation for air flow and moisture release.
  • Blue Blocker inspired, Anti Fog coated, mirror lens, standard.
  • Unmatched price point.

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