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Tusk Dual Compound MX Grips – Half-Waffle Motorcycle Hand Grips


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Tusk Dual Compound MX Grips

Tusk dual-compound MX half-waffle grips offer a dual-compound soft/hard design. A softer upper layer provides extra comfort you want, while the harder lower layer gives you grip and durability that you need.

Half-Waffle Motorcycle Hand Grips

The Tusk MX grips feature the half-waffle design, a style that is extremely popular among dirt bike riders. Half-waffle grips provide an excellent level of both comfort and control. And since only half of the grip uses the waffle design, you are able to customize the feel a little bit when you first place the grips on the handlebar. These Tusk motorcycle hand grips give you the precision and control to keep your bike on the trail and the comfort to let you ride longer.

This motorcycle grip design is for use on twist throttles and will not work with ATV thumb throttles.

Find ATV grips here: https://mancosmotorsports.com/product/atv-hand-grips/

Don’t forget to order grip glue.

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Dimensions 9 × 5 × 4 in


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