Prepare your Snowmobile for Summer

Prepare your Snowmobile for Summer Storage

As spring arrives, you’ll be putting your snowmobile away for the season. But, just like you need to winterize your summer vehicles for cold weather storage, you need to make sure to prepare your snowmobile for summer storage. Snowmobiles, like all off road vehicles, have parts that can deteriorate in storage if they aren’t properly set up for to sit for a long period of time. Before you put it away, give us a call and we will get your machine ready to store for the season.


How to Prepare your Snowmobile for Summer

Wash your Snowmobile

A long ride through mud and snow can cause buildup on your machine. Combine that with road salt and chemicals that can spray onto your snowmobile while hauling it down the highway, and you have a recipe for paint and metal corrosion. Thoroughly washing your machine before storage can make a big difference in keeping your snowmobile looking good as new.

Stabilize the Fuel

Green carburetor fluid caused by improper off-season storage.

Untreated fuel can evaporate and corrode metal when left in the gas tank unused for the off-season. Adding a fuel stabilizer helps to prevent corrosion in the carburetor that can make your fluids turn green and gunky.

Fog the Engine

When an engine sits unused, water vapor can collect in the engine; this condensation can corrode the delicate parts of your engine. Storage for a long period can also dry out cylinders, leading to damage when the engine is started up again. Preparing your snowmobile engine with fogging oil helps to prevent these problems that can come from long-term storage.

Drain the Carburetor

To prevent gas from evaporating inside the carburetor and causing corrosion, it is a good idea to drain it before storing your snowmobile.

Grease the Chassis

Greasing the chassis protects your snowmobiles suspension and steering systems by helping to keep moisture and condensation out.

Remove the Drive Belt & Reduce the Track Tension

Taking the drive belt off your snowmobile for winter takes pressure off the clutches, which can extend their lives. Removing the belt also helps to prevent condensation from building up in the clutches during storage. Reducing the tension on the track can help keep it from stretching out and cracking in the summer heat. Make sure to put the belt back on and re-tighten the track before you use it again next season.

Store your Snowmobile

Choose a cool, dry place to store your machine for the summer. Elevate the rear end of the snowmobile by placing a jack-stand under the rear bumper. Next, unhook the springs to relieve tension and helps them last longer. This also takes weight off the track lugs so the tips don’t fold over. Finally, lift the sled and set the chassis on a wooden box or milk crate so the front suspension hangs freely.

Mancos Motorsports LLC sports vehicle service center now open and serving Dolores, Mancos, Cortez, Colorado and the Four CornersGet Help Preparing your Snowmobile for Summer

Our repair shop in southwest Colorado can help you get your snowmobile ready for summer in the Four-Corners Area. Bring your vehicle in or we can pick it up from Dolores, Mancos, Cortez, Durango, and other nearby locations.

Call Dave or Brian at Mancos Motorsports and we can prepare your snowmobile for summer storage.

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